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About Us

Who we are

We are a team of industry experts. Together with our partners, we provide a valuable service in helping you obtain information that is held about you from a Credit Bureau in one combined and easy to understand report. Our services are aimed at empowering you to take control of your credit profile. We provide many helpful tools and tips to help you improve, manage and protect your credit profile, allowing you to prevent fraudulent activity on your accounts, as well as obtain the best credit facilities relevant to your profile.

The reports we provide will show you all historic and current activity on your accounts. This includes your payment history, defaults, judgements, as well as your latest credit score.

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Obtaining your most recent credit report and credit score will allow you identify and correct any inaccurate information that the Credit Bureaus may be holding on you.

Our mission

Our aim is to empower you in taking control of your finances and building your credit score to the best it can be. We’re passionate about helping our customers obtain full transparency of their personal and financial data, which will ultimately ensure that they obtain the best chance of obtaining the most favourable credit purchasing power, as well as keeping ahead of any potential fraudulent activity that they may be exposed to.